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Quality Tools

Quality Tools s.r.l.
Head office and production:
25020 Capriano del Colle (Bs) - Italy
via Trento, 175
Tel. +39 030 9749234
Fax +39 030 9749227

Established in 1978, in cooperation with the American company Reynolds by now with more than 30 years' experience, QUALITY TOOLS has emerged as the leader in supplying equipment for the aluminum and paper container industry. It has customers around the world.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of complete lines and tools for production of aluminum foil containers and paper containers with rims for food products.

Efficient production lines include presses up to 130 tons and coil widths up to 1.050 mm. Highly productive multi-cavitiy tools can feed automatic multi-lane stackers at the end of line. Internationally patented, the paper press and moulds are able to produce paper containers with rim.

The QUALITY TOOLS factory is equipped with modern machine tools including HAUSER 6 axes jig grinding machine, HERMLE 5 axes high speed milling machine and the FANUC-CHARMILLE wire cutting machine.

QUALITY TOOLS' flexible organization allows customized services for technical requests including Research & Development and Service Assistance programs for customers.

Quality Tools