Production press line PR01

The PR01 press has been designed and developed exclusively for the production of aluminum food containers, dishes and trays. These products are produced by the blanking and forming of aluminum which has been unwound from a coil.

The PR01 Press is a four-column eccentric-shaft press with 50- tons capacity. The robust construction and built-in lubrication system guarantee high precision and long life. The PR01 has a large bedplate with easy access on three sides.

There are six electronic cams (solenoid valves) controlled by a PLC and four fixed air connections with pressure regulators, providing easy tool set-up. The PLC can hold recipes for several tools in memory, allowing fast tool changes. The stroke and height of the ram are adjustable to match tools of various shapes and sizes.

A brushless motor feeds the aluminum strip, allowing accurate control of step and speed. The height of the feeding system is easily adjustable to match the strip height of the tool currently in use on the press.
The PR01 press complies with all “CE” marking requirements.

Technical specifications & videos