Production press line T130

The T130 press has been designed and developed exclusively for the production of aluminum food containers, dishes and trays. These products are obtained by blanking and forming of aluminum which has been unwound from a coil.

The T130 press is a “C”-frame press with 130-ton capacity. It has large side frames spaced out to allow the passage of wide aluminum strips. The large working bedplate of the press is equipped with two removable supports with a height adjustable bearing device to facilitate changing the tools. This permits the press to use standard tools as well as tools designed with air cylinders below the bottom plate.

The press uses two brushless motors to feed the aluminum strip allowing accurate control of step and speed. The height of the feeding system is electronically adjustable to match the strip height of the tool currently in use on the press. There are 24 electronic cams (solenoid valves) controlled by a PLC and 12 fixed air connections with pressure regulators, providing easy tool setup. This large number of air outlets, located on both sides of the press, permits the use of multicavity tools.

The T130 press is equipped with eight compressed air tanks and two vacuum outlets. The pneumatic control panel is easily accessible during operation of the press. The press may be equipped with tools for wrinkle- wall, smooth-wall, pet, airline and folded containers. The advantages of the T130 press include:
- Good accessibility and easy handling during tool loading and unloading operations.
- Complete visibility while the press is operating.
- The ability to run medium and large size singlecavity and multi-cavity tools.
- The stroke of ram is manually adjustable, and the height is electrically adjustable to permit use of tools of various shapes and sizes.
The T130 press complies with all “CE” marking requirements.

A brushless motor feeds the paper strip, allowing accurate control of step and speed. The height of the feeding system is easily adjustable with an electronic system.
The TCR press complies with all “CE” marking requirements.

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