aluminum press line packaging aluminum  and Paper containers Paper

Innovation for technology


QUALITY TOOLS draws on long experience and customer requirements to manufacture high technology moulds for many applications. These moulds are easy to operate.

Customers may request several different rim configurations to meet their requirements including (G rim, L rim, IVC and so on).
Customers may request different shapes and sizes of containers, as well as the number of cavities in the mould.

We build all of our tools with high quality steel. Flow areas are heat treated for proper hardness. These quality controls ensure reliable tools with long life.

The moulds are completely designed using a Solidworks 3D CAD system. CNC machines are driven by a 5 axes CAM software. Each mould comes complete with air ejection, rear plane (for foil feeding) and “letter boxes” (to direct the containers to the stacker in the proper position) and own independent pistons.

QUALITY TOOLS is able to design and build tools for almost every kind of press.