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Accessories for aluminum and paper presses

In addition to the design and construction of moulds and presses for aluminum and paper we deal with the sale of accessories for aluminum and paper presses.

    The decoiler unwinds the coil progressively without tearing the material.

    The coil is supported by an expansion shaft which is inserted into the core.

    The shaft is driven by a variable speed motor to unwind the coil as required according to the speed, step and cycle rate of the electronic feeder on the press.

    The decoiler also includes in case of need a lubricator for the aluminium strip with a stainless-steel basin to compensate, when required, insufficient lubrication on the pre-lubricated material, or also a new spray lubrication system (see also the detail in the list).

    The QUALITY TOOLS Easydevo is the standard one decoiler for aluminium and paper lines products.

    The QUALITY TOOLS Devolift is equipped with a fully automatic hydraulic coil lifting system that helps to lodge the coil.
      Scrap aspirator
      To complete the production lines, QUALITY TOOLS can supply a scrap aspiration (chopper/blower) system.

      The aspiration system collects the scrap in a bin/container, or in a scrap collector press that will compact the aluminium scrap into bales (see also the detail in the list).

      The possible length distance by pipelines system can cover till 10 mt. On request the distance can be more with a more powerful scrap press.
        Scrap Press PRS15
        Together with the scrap aspirator unit QUALITY TOOLS can supply a scrap press on demand and additional equipment in order to collect the scrap into bales for possible resale.

        Our scrap press can serve two presses contemporaneously and compact bale cube 600x600x600 mm big.

        Its capacity is 15 tons.
          Modular and flexible stacking unit
          Our container stackers are built with a rigid aluminium structure and the model SM stacker is fitted with brushless motors for elevators.

          They can be produced with up to five totally independent lanes. This will allow each elevator to count, stack, and unload the containers independently.

          The width of the lanes can be adjusted according to the container dimensions.

          The operating console is equipped with a touch-screen panel allowing quick set-up of machine parameters and visualization of production flow.

          This new generation of stackers SM also allows you to change the ties setting very quickly, thanks to an easy unlock of connections and screw system in the regulating mechanism.

          It is a total independent unit usable also on different press lines.
            Creasing Unit
            The creasing tools permits to score the corners or around the paper foil step principally to produce containers with flat flange and without rim. It also helps the production of the other type of containers.

            This unit permit to avoid an extra step during the production because is made in the same time during the feeding during paper unwinding.
              Lubrication system and other Additional Equipment
              QUALITY TOOLS offers as option for all the paper and aluminium presses a dedicated lubrication system unit equipped with adjustable nozzles, a lubricator panel and a pressured lubricant tank.

              QUALITY TOOLS is also able to supply an embosser unit to execute special drawings on the foil as per pattern requested from the costumer.

              These units are mounted on the decoiler as optional.

              QUALITY TOOLS also offers static tables up to 1 mt or tables equipped with a motorized accumulation belt with length from 2 mt up to 4 mt for the placement of the containers.

              If necessary, QUALITY TOOLS offers as option for all the presses a noise reduction cabin to reduce the noise of the work cycles.
                Special Stackers
                QUALITY TOOLS is able to develop appropriate special stacking systems for single containers such as, for example shell trays o very small trays.

                Some containers have particular shapes, and a suitable, special stacking system must be developed to automatically and neatly stack them without crumpling or breaks.

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